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The oldest parts of the castle date from the early 13th century. It was almost certainly built by the Norwegian founders of Clan MacSween. By this time, however, their days in Scotland were numbered and in 1263 they were repulsed by the Scots and forced to return to the Hebrides. Get great bonuses on the site with Limited offer.

The castle then passed to the MacDonalds of Islay and Kintyre, supporters of the English in the War of Independence that was now taking place. It is likely due to their input that the castle was comprehensively rebuilt with the formidable stone curtain wall and a new church on the shore, Kilbrannan Chapel. Their tenancy lasted until 1493 when the Campbells assumed command.

The Campbell contribution was the tower house in the NE corner of the courtyard. This became the main lordly apartment which was occupied until 1700.

The main house behind the cabin was built when it became unpractical to live in the castle any longer.

Initially started by Sophie’s sister-in-law, the cabin has been operating in some form or another since 1988. It began life in a trailer next to the castle to provide tea, coffee and crab rolls.

In 1990 it moved down the hill to its present location. This coincided with Sophie taking over the running of it. Over the years that followed the reputation of the cabin grew and grew with it becoming an annual fixture for many visitors to the area.

This growth in popularity, combined with the increasing antiquity of the caravan, meant it was necessary to construct a new cabin in 2008. Sticking to our roots, the new building is in fact an old trailer, albeit disguised under the woodwork. The addition of an awning allowed for some shelter when the weather is less than clement.

For those who are prepared to venture off the beaten track the cabin offers tranquillity combined with fresh, well-prepared seafood. What more could you really ask for?
The Cabin is only one facet of the Estate. When not preparing seafood we can be found tending to the other areas whether it is up on the farm or in the garden.

The Farm
Around 700 sheep enjoy spectacular views of Arran whilst grazing on the hills. They are composed of an indoor lambing flock of crossbreeds and an outdoor  flock of blackfaces. These share the ground with a 50 strong herd of cows and our friendly bull, Freddie. Calving happens in May and June and it has been known for people to dash out of the cabin to go and help the shepherd with a challenging case.

Holiday Cottages
Four cottages sleeping between 4 and 10 are available for weekly rents. Whilst not luxury accommodation they offer some simply spectacular views and, in the case of the Port na Chro cottages, complete seclusion with your own beach. A new website is currently under construction so if you would like more information please contact us.
We take great pride in being able to use home grown lettuce leaves in our salads. During the busiest part of the season this isn’t always possible as the leaves don’t grow fast enough! Now and again we are also able to use other home grown vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers radishes and beetroot.
There are a large number of chickens who live down in the garden and it is their eggs which are used in all the baking and are hard-boiled for the salad.
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Open from Sunday 29th May 2016